About Us


Let us do the baking.

We are a commercial wholesale bakery, proudly serving the restaurant and retail grocery industry since 1981. We specialize in creating unforgettable desserts for food-focused establishments.

Whether you are looking for a custom dessert to reflect the spirit of your restaurant's menu, or interested in an item from our existing product line, we offer both restaurant-ready and retail-ready dessert creations that make a lasting impression.

Handmade with Heart

It all started in 1981 when our founder Valerie Wilson aspired to create the perfect cheesecake. Out of her home kitchen and with little more than a stand mixer and a dream, our flagship product, the Original Cheesecake, was born. Word spread, and soon area restaurants were lining up to serve Valerie’s dreamy confections.

Decades later, Tennessee Cheesecake is now the go-to provider for a full array of iconic desserts – both ready-made and custom-made – for restaurant and food service businesses across North America. The bakery remains family-owned and operated, and Valerie’s son Will has now joined her at the helm. Together, the mother-son team continues the vision that inspired Valerie from the beginning: create a place for awesome people to do great work, and to produce legendary desserts that elevate menus across the country

Original Cheesecake

The TNC Team

This is only a few of the amazing people that help make TNC happen every day. Big shout-out to our amazing production crew and production leaders.

Will Wilson, CEO

Will Wilson


Will loves to solve business problems. He grew up with Tennessee Cheesecake (his mom started the company in 1981). He has been leading the team for over 15 years. He has helped the team change and adapt from a product mindset to service mindset. Helping the TNC team learn and grow is his top priority.

Valerie Byrd

Valerie Byrd


Valerie loves the creative side of baking. It's not all science! She started Tennessee Cheesecake in her kitchen and just a few years later look how far it's come. Valerie has a keen sense of business and is always willing to lend a listening ear.

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson

People and Culture Director

Becca Wilson is the Director of People & Culture at Tennessee Cheesecake. Becca thrives on creating a great place for great people to do their best work. A talented professional with over 15 years of experience in communications, public relations, and human resources management, Becca enjoys identifying and solving business problems in collaboration with others on her team. She is passionate about following the golden rule - treating customers and employees the way she would want to be treated.

Kyle Perkins, COO

Kyle Perkins


Kyle’s passions are working with people to find solutions whether that be finding the perfect fit for a customer partner’s dessert menu or working with co-workers to make Tennessee Cheesecake the best it can be. Kyle started with the company in 2012 as Sales Director to help the company grow and now leads both the Sales and Operations Teams as COO. “Customer First” is a TNC core value that Kyle lives by every day.

Jon Blinkhorn, FSQA Manager

Jon Blinkhorn

Food Safety and Quality Manager

Jon Blinkhorn is our Food Safety and Quality Assurance Manager. He has been interested in food and the science that goes into what we eat, from a young age. In the years he has been active in the food world, he has gained experience and held management roles in food safety, quality assurance, product development, and research and development. He has a bachelor's degree in Food Science, from Auburn University, and is trained in HACCP, SQF, and preventive controls. He continuously educates himself on food safety trends and ways to improve.

Raymond Ongalo, Director of Operations

Raymond Ongalo

Director of Operations

Raymond Ongalo is a Kenyan-born professional who has built a distinguished 19-year career in the U.S. manufacturing sector. He holds an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and a Master's from Boston University. A sports enthusiast and avid ping pong player, Ongalo is blessed with three daughters and a wonderful wife. His leadership style is inspirational, focusing on building strong relationships and empowering his team.

Julie Thommavongsa, Director of R&D

Julie Thammavongsa

Director of R&D

Julie Thammavongsa is a Pastry Chef with a degree from Le Cordon Bleu, College of French Culinary Arts (2013). After refining her skills in Europe, she joined TNC in 2014, quickly advancing from production to Director of Research and Development. Julie excels in creating innovative desserts and stunning sugar sculptures. At the heart of her work is the joy her creations bring to others, showcasing her dedication to excellence and passion for patisserie.

Madisen Williams, R&D Assistant

Madisen Williams

R&D Assistant

Madisen Williams became passionate about baking at a very young age. She graduated as a Pastry Chef in 2021 from Sullivan University and has experience in a variety of foodservice environments. Madisen enjoys bringing positivity and adaptability to the workplace everyday to ensure that customers get the best custom dessert experience TNC has to offer.

Kyle Koller, Finance Manager

Kyle Koller

Finance Manager

Kyle Koller moved to Tennessee in 2018 from Miami, Florida. He has a passion for data analysis and loves a good spreadsheet. He has spent years working in the financial sector, retail banking, financial advising, and corporate finance. In 2016 he completed his Masters in Finance from Florida International University. Kyle believes that it takes a dedicated team to make a company great. He strives everyday to add value and empower his co-workers.

Ashley Yeik, Production Manager

Ashley Yeik

Production Manager

Ron Simon, Warehouse and Purchasing Manager

Ron Simon

Warehouse and Purchasing Manager

Brian Bush, Warehouse Coordinator

Brian Bush

Warehouse Coordinator

Brian has his thumb on the pulse of all our inventory items. He has been helping us receive, pick and ship your delicious desserts since 2015.

Val Schipani, Office Manager

Val Schipani

Office Manager

Jack Perkins, National Account Sales Manager

Jack Perkins

National Account Sales Manager

Krystle Williams, National Account Sales Manager

Krystle Williams

National Account Sales Manager

Krystle Williams, an adept National Account Sales Manager, boasts a robust background of 21 years in Sales and Marketing, including 14 years specializing in Operational Management within the hospitality sector. Krystle is consistently delivering high-caliber solutions that surpass expectations while overseeing a diverse range of foodservice establishments in the United States and Canada including Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Theme Parks, Arenas and Casinos. She is eager to make your life just a little bit sweeter with Tennessee Cheesecake desserts!

Our Core Values

Core Values: Have Heart, No Jerks. Customer First. Be Adaptable. Have Fun! Dedication to the team. See the Glass as Half Full.   Food Safety Core Values: Attention to detail, Pride in your work, No shortcuts

Our Mission

To meet or exceed our customers' premium dessert needs with creativity, craftsmanship, and partnership. Our company is built by a deep pride of work that gets baked into every dessert we make. Going above and beyond expectations is something we do every day for our customers and our community.